Winter 2015 Waste Audit

Waste auditors (left to right): Graham Wilson, Victor Cheung, Dominic Tremblay and Casey Craig

  Sustainable SURP is under way of the Winter 2015 waste audit. The team of student volunteers have been busy this week sorting through SURP waste to collect valuable data about student habits and contamination rates. Our goal this March is to evaluate SURP waste for changes in response to our new signage. Check back […]

Fall 2014 Waste Audit Results


Last fall, Sustainable SURP with the help of dedicated volunteers from the School of Urban and Regional Planning conducted a waste audit of the 3rd and 4th floors of the South Bond Building. The results revealed that there is much room for improvement for the school to be more environmentally responsible. Each individual has an impact on […]

What do SURP students think of sustainability?


Check out the results of Sustainable SURP’s department-wide online survey conducted in March 2014! The survey results have helped Sustainable SURP determine student perceptions and brainstorm ideas about academics, engagement, operations and finances. We had 57 students participate in our survey and their feedback will continue to define and refine our sustainability initiatives.

Coming soon to a garbage near you

Updated Waste Audit Labels - 8x10

Labeling is key to ensuring waste gets sorted properly from the start. Sustainable SURP created two label options to clearly show what goes in what bin. During the week of March 31st to April 4th, the SURP community was invited to vote on their favourite label. This small initiative conjured up discussion and helped build momentum […]