Statement of Values

Sustainable SURP is founded on strong conceptual principles of urban sustainability; we acknowledge the complex and interconnected social, economic and environmental components of sustainability, and draw heavily on community engagement and participation.


Sustainable SURP strives to be:


Community engagement and participation are the keys to transforming successful ideas into successful processes and outcomes. By fostering broad participation and engagement, more democratic and inclusive sustainability practices can be established that will empower  SURP members to extend sustainability into the larger community.


While we continually draw from best practices, we recognize that the most effective sustainability planning is place-based. Thus, every attempt has been made to tailor best practices to the specific needs of the SURP community, and to profit from our unique institutional, academic and geographical contexts.

Integrative and collaborative

We recognize that urban sustainability planning necessitates complex and intertwined goals, actions and outcomes as well as strong partnerships. Sustainability can’t happen in a vacuum, and Sustainable SURP’s success depends on widespread adoption of sustainable values, behaviour, and actions. We seek to not only break down barriers between social, economic and environmental sustainability, but to continually draw on the strengths of our partners and collaborators.

Founded on leadership

Sustainable SURP is dedicated to cultivating a sense of leadership and responsibility in SURP community members. By expanding engagement opportunities, democratic processes and inclusion, we aim to help students, faculty and staff become present and future sustainability change-makers, advocates and champions.

Dynamic and iterative

Sustainability does not happen overnight, and is not a static concept. Evolving alongside the shifting needs of the SURP community and changing sustainability paradigms will ensure the continued relevance and success of Sustainable SURP.